Richard M. Ankers - Author

In the heart of the ocean,

Where turquoise slips to blue,

A mermaid tears pour forth.

She weeps for the kelp

That strain for the light

And the fish that play in their tendrilike yards.

She cries for the wrecks

And the souls lost to sea,

The sailors and sailed,

And those creatures they hunted.

She pours out emotion

To small beasts and large,

From leviathan to coral,

And each grain of sand.

Inconsolable, she hides her face

Behind viridian fingers

And rues her lot.

For most of all, she weeps for herself,

And the loss of her flickering realm.

She is the last of her kind,

No more of the mer-folk remain.

Like her tears, they’ve diluted away

And shall never return.

As lost in liquidity

As they are to time,

The ocean all the poorer for it.

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