These glamorous shimmering stars seen in sky 

Also break at one point 

By massive explosions in the galaxy 

When run out of fuel 

We humans 

There is this little thing within us 

Called hope 

That keeps us from breaking 

Even when we run out of fuel 


When a small piece of broken rock

Hits earth’s surface from space 

It moves so fast 

That it heats up and glows 

And becomes the most glamorous 

The shooting star 

That we call ourselves lucky enough 

If we could catch sight of 

And make a wish 

Never lose hope 

Because that’s the only hope to survive 

Just as this shooting star 

Was once a small piece of broken rock 

You will also come out 

As one of the beautiful shooting stars 

Just be patient 

And never lose hope 

The hope that everything will be alright.

-Ifrah 🙂