This is about a true incident that took place when i recently went to visit my mom in my hometown…

I was really tired when i arrived after the long journey so mom told me to rest for a while,and  later we can spend time together.

I wasn’t able to sleep well because of the loud  crackling noises the door of the nearby room was making and because it was a new place, I find it distracting sometimes sleeping in new places so i got up after like an hour or two…

Mom:- You got up really fast, did you sleep well? Me:- I wasn’t really able to sleep because of the door noises 

But that night i slept really well, and when I got up the next morning my sister told me the reason why. (She saw mom lubricating the door hinges at night with a greaser)…


Not long ago my grandma passed away and when today morning i spotted mom with tears in her eyes. It was because she was missing grandma and this is what she told me what i wrote above.

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart”