Decoding Happyness

A Doodle by me :)A Doodle by me 🙂

By the window on a hot summer night,
I sit and stare at the velvet sky,
The clouds n stars playing hide and seek,
And the moon lovingly looking over.

The cool breeze soothes,
The last bead of sweat on my forehead,
Dries the last tear on my cheek,
And plays softly with my tresses.

Everything is so perfect,
But my longing eyes look for you,
They search for you in the infinite space,
Where time and miles hold no worth.

By the window side I sit and look beneath,
The chaos on the streets,
The honking cars and the frightened pup,
They reflect the whirlwind in my heart.

I close my eyes and feel the wind,
And I feel you in the fragrance of the night,
I see you in the beauty of the moon,
And I see your smile amidst the twinkling stars.

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