Beautifully written!


I fell and broke into pieces
I am scattered about
Broken beyond repair
I cry for help
Yet so many pass me by
Not even acknowledging my existence

Some look at me with pity and move on
Some even trample upon me
Breaking me the more
Some pick me up, look at me and use me
injuring themselves in the process

I am broken
I need mending
I need help

Then I hear a lone footstep
I looked up and saw the purest eyes
Staring down at me
With the warmest smile
He picked me up
Cleaned me up
Broke me into smaller pieces
Ground me into fine dust
And then watered me,
Molded me
And built me up again.

He put me in a kiln
And made me as pure as gold
He brought me out of mediocrity
And set me up on a high pedestal
He picked me…

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