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Unspoken — October 26, 2016
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“In the End” — December 18, 2015
Dove —


My frame of mind

Very alluring and very determined

A dove

It’s whiteness that represent it’s originality

A color without a color

All about thee

Is innocence in your twinkling eyes

And faith within oneself

That you can reach till the sky

Your toughness of the spirit

Combined with the softness

Of the dove within you

And the neutrality of your conduct

Thy framework as soft and delicate as fur

And as precious that it should be in silks

And thy heart of simplicity and sacrifice

And that pureness in your smile

Wanders into my mind

Could there be anyone

Of that great exactitude

And that strong and moving mind

Which is stronger than any physical force

In the universe

And that warm and tranquil feeling

You get when nearby

It’s all about a girl

Who is exactly parallel to a dove to me!



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when you just can’t let it go… —
The essentials… — December 17, 2015

The essentials…

My frame of mind

First family, then friends

First people, then things

First respect, then love

First dream, then live

First think, then conclude

First hear, then heard

First understand, then understood

First deserve, then desire

First try, then try again

First assess them, then trust them

First taste your words, then speak

First work hard, then have faith in God

First have faith in God, then hope for the best.

-Ifrah 🙂

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Those phenomenal days!! —

Those phenomenal days!!

My frame of mind

Those phenomenal days

When we sat near the sea shore

Silently hand in hand

Listening to the harmonic streams of water

Those phenomenal days

When you used to take me

Out of this world

With your tender and powerful touch

With your every intense kiss

My mind gets blown

Like i’m in a world of Neptune

Where strong wind blows

With your warm and tight hugs

When i’m cold

Feels like i’m travelling to the world of Venus

Where it’s so warm

And every minute spent with you

Feels like the atmosphere of Mars


Where there is no one but you

Coz babe you make me forget about this world

And those profound eyes

I get lost in them expeditiously

Just like the world of Uranus

Coz so deep just like the color of the sea

Like the one we’re sitting nearby

Tilted blue-green

How do you do it

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Lost in Liquidity — December 15, 2015

Lost in Liquidity

Richard M. Ankers

In the heart of the ocean,

Where turquoise slips to blue,

A mermaid tears pour forth.

She weeps for the kelp

That strain for the light

And the fish that play in their tendrilike yards.

She cries for the wrecks

And the souls lost to sea,

The sailors and sailed,

And those creatures they hunted.

She pours out emotion

To small beasts and large,

From leviathan to coral,

And each grain of sand.

Inconsolable, she hides her face

Behind viridian fingers

And rues her lot.

For most of all, she weeps for herself,

And the loss of her flickering realm.

She is the last of her kind,

No more of the mer-folk remain.

Like her tears, they’ve diluted away

And shall never return.

As lost in liquidity

As they are to time,

The ocean all the poorer for it.

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